ToVP admin staff gearing up to Bust a Move

Nichola Brydon
Town of Victoria Park

Admin staff at the ToVP have been invited to attend the ‘Bust a Move’ morning tea; a fun, interactive workshop that will cover the following:

•In groups discuss barriers, solutions and tips around walking, cycling, public transport and car pooling

•Explain the logistics of the program (tracking new mode trips, receiving coffee/Coles vouchers)

•Staff will be encouraged to decide on and write their ‘Bust a Move’ pledge/new travel intentions on their new funky new A5 desktop blackboard and share with others (photos)

•Lastly, staff who are looking to car pool will stay behind for a further 15 minutes, to make connections with others who may live nearby (large maps will be provided to work out common routes) YES you get free coffees and Coles vouchers if you CAR POOL too! J

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Kylie (Your Move)

What a great way to encourage staff to try walking, cycling, public transport and car pooling to work. I hope you have a great turn out at your monring tea this morning.

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David (Your Move)

Great to see so many interested staff at the launch event today. Good work getting the initiative started at the Town of Victoria Park.

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