Vic Park Wayfinding

Caden McCarthy
Town of Victoria Park

This week the Town of Victoria Park installed a series of wayfinding signs to connect people between Curtin University and the East Victoria Park and St James Town Centres. With support from the Department of Transport, the signs will promote walking and cycling between Albany Highway and Curtin University and helps people navigate through Technology Park.

Most people don’t realise it only takes around 20 minutes to walk between Albany hwy and Curtin University. The Technology Park area is confusing to navigate and acts as a barrier for a lot of people trying to access Curtin. These signs will help people find the shortcuts through Technology Park and aim to reconnect Curtin students to local businesses in the Town.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Caden! I'm glad to see you can still get great things done even when laying around on the job! I myself am surprised that it is only a 20 minute walk to Albany Hwy from Curtin and have always found Tech Park hard to comprehend - so well done for tackling that issue. You have received 60 points for your Wayfinding project.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Wow! I didn't realise it was only 8 minutes by bike from Vic Park to Curtin - so close. If any other local governments or universities are interested in a similar project please just contact Trevor or myself from the Your Move team and we talk you through how it is done.

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