Crosswalk enquiries for safer passage

David Chia

Since becoming school champion for the Your Move program I've had parents approach me asking for installation of crosswalks on the Banksia & Riley St and Banksia & Lawley St intersections. During drop off and pick ups these intersections are a hive of cars and pedestrians trying to weave in and out of each others congestion. Home construction at the Banksia & Riley intersection makes congestion even worse.

I contacted member for Balcatta and fellow school board member David Michael MLA regarding this matter. He is a great supporter of the YM program. We had an in depth discussion about crosswalks. David assured me he would lobby the City of Stirling (CoS) on behalf of Tuart Hill PS but the chances of installing crosswalks is slim as these intersections do not constitute 'busy roads' by definition from local government.

David advised me to liaise with principal Bev to lobby CoS for these crosswalks as a school application will have a greater outcome for success. I thank David Michael for his time and advice. THPS will persist to lobby CoS to install these crosswalks as the safety of students is paramount.

Any developments and updates will be posted. To be continued...

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David, another avenue is for your school P&C to work with the school in applying for a Guarded Crossing. Of course there is the other alternative: finding ways to encourage more Active Transport so that there is MORE feet transport than motorised wheel transport!

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James (Your Move)

Reaching out to your local MP is an important step for improving infrastructure which can facilitate active travel - well done! It has earned you 25 points. Even though roads might not be officially classified as 'busy', there is often more than one way to skin a cat. From memory, North Perth PS and the City of Vincent had success at getting a crossing that on paper didn't look likely - it could be worth making contact with their P&C for some tips.

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