Planning and encouraging future active travel iniatives - a visit from David Paddon to Tuart Hill PS

David Chia
Tuart Hill Primary School

The man, the myth, the legend, David Paddon from the DoT met with principal Bev and myself to outline Your Move Stirling opportunities for THPS. Exciting proposals and events were outlined for our school.

1. Active Travel Festival organised for early term 4. This day has the Transperth Bus tour, bike & skateboard educational lessons and Constable Care safety program. A day full chock full of activity!

2. Bike Education proposed for either years 4 or 5 early term 1 2121. This is a 4 session program, to be delivered once a week for four weeks, or 2 sessions per week for a fortnight.

3. Map Safe Routes to School - pathway stencil activity. A representative from Behaviour Design Works, with help from a classroom teacher will coordinate and deliver this activity with a student group. Proposed activity mid term 4.

4.Safe Routes to School Project. Trevor Buckenara from DoT outlined this initiative via microsoft teams. This involves parental feedback on possible safe routes to school upgrades that may be facilitated by City of Stirling. Example: improving road safety measures.

Bev and myself thank David & Trevor for making the time to promote Your Move initiatives and encouraging THPS students to be more physically active and safe to and from school by active travel.

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James (Your Move)

Hi David - great outline of the initiatives coming out of the YM Stirling project (although I do wonder if David Paddon actually wrote the first sentence!!). It sounds like we should be hearing lots more from the crew at Tuart Hill over the next few terms. You have earned 10 points for sharing the details of your planning session.

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