Planning bike education day - Fri 18th September 2020

David Chia
Tuart Hill Primary School

Your Move champions Kate & Jess has been planning for a while our inaugural bike education workshop scheduled for Fri 18th September 2020. With more students riding this is the best time to engage and educate students about bike safety. To gauge interest as to how many students were keen to attend this workshop a form was given to every year 4-6 student. Suffice to say there is keen interest with 50+ confirmed students wanting to participate.

The purpose of the 90min bike education workshop is to educate students about the fundamentals of bike safety (brakes in good working order, seat correct height, chain lubed and not too dirty, helmets correctly fitted, tyres pumped up, reflectors etc...), bike road safety and an obstacle course has been designed for participants to navigate safely around.

With the amount of students attending, a callout to parents to help on the day was made on the schools facebook page. Our school is an awesome community and parental volunteers came thick and fast. Without saying our school is also very supporting of this workshop. Many thanks again to Kate & Jess for the hard work in planning this event. It has not gone unnoticed. Bike education workshop will be blogged.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks Dave for sharing the efforts of this hard working duo! Great to hear that Kate and Jess are not only diving into this themselves, but are smart enough to engage the help of other enthusiastic parents. I have linked your story to the "Volunteer Power" YM activity which gives you a big 65 points, and you also received another 10 for the 'good read' factor of your story. I look forward to your update after the skills session.

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