Term 1 Active Travel Day - Wheelie Wednesday

David Chia

Tuart Hill Primary School has been very active behind the scenes promoting active travel. We have without fail Walk to School Wednesday every Wednesday which have been ingrained in the students minds. Last Fridays of each month is Fuel Free Fridays. Our walking bus initiatives are taking off with many parents and students picking up passengers along the way in all different directions! Since the schools YM involvement commencing mid 2020 there has been a noticeable increase in physical activity amongst the students getting to and from school with less car congestion at drops off and pickups.

Wheelie Wed was promoted for the last Wednesday of Term 1 (also last day of Term 1) as part of the official YM active day agenda. The day was promoted on our schools facebook and e-newsletter. All forms of active travel, walking, bike riding, skateboarding and scootering was encouraged. To make the day epic a couple of student volunteers alongside with myself handed out prizes at the bike racks for those that took part in Wheelie Wed. We had an extensive prize stash for giveaways but at the end we were left with next to no prizes such was the popularity of the event. Every student who active travelled as part of Wheelie Wed was given a prize. As you can see below the YM polos were very proudly worn with our student volunteers.

Tuart Hill Primary has many YM ideas in the pipeline. Our dedicated student leaders for YM will be announced at our senior assembly very shortly (there were many applicants!)

I like to thank principal Bev and fellow YM champions Wendi, Jess and Kate for their time and ongoing support of the schools YM program.

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James (Your Move)

Great update David! It it certainly clear that THPS is cutting no corners with their active travel activities. Last story we only gave you 80 points for your regular AT days, but since you have both the weekly W2SW and monthly FFF I have given you another 90 points. Your Wheelie Weds at the end of term has earned you another 40 points too, along with 22 points for your newsletter promos and a bonus 10 for putting together another great read!

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James (Your Move)

Make sure you do a story on your new team too! And remember each term you can get points for planning sessions that you may have with your YM Leaders or team meetings with your student leaders. .

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