The Grand Opening of the Bike/Scooter Racks

Wendi Graham
Tuart Hill Primary School

Today is Fuel Free Friday at Tuart Hill Primary School, but it is also the Grand Opening of our new bike and scooter racks!

We got to school super early so that we could watch as the racks filled up. And fill up they did! It felt like every student rode a bike today.

We also had spot prizes and every active student got a sticker.

Not only were the new racks filled, but the old racks were at capacity too.

After all the kids had gone to class the Your Move Champions stood together to admire how much we had achieved since joining the Your Move program in July 2020. It has been a great year, and we have already begun planning for 2021!

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Nice work, THPS! Now to get all the bikes backed in to the racks & you are on a real winner. Next goal a cover over the bike racks? Just love Ten Tiny Things!

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James (Your Move)

This really rounds off well the series of events related to your new parking, Wendi. Your launch event has earned you 25 points, plus you also got 90 points for your Fuel Free Friday event. I am assuming FFFs are a regular event - please let me know if this is not the case. Did you know that you can earn 90 points each term if you report in like this on your Regular Active Travel Day?

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