Tuart Hill PS is Itching to Present their Your Move Promotional Video

Wendi Graham

Hi Guys. I'm Wendi, a fellow Champion at Tuart Hill Primary School. We launched our Your Move Program last term. Our first event was Walk to School Wednesday which was a great success with many students walking, riding and scooting to school. We also added a little incentive of a certificate upon arrival which worked a treat.

Inspired by the success of our first event, I decided that during the school holidays I would make a video to promote our school, and in particular to encourage the kids to be active. The video involved me trying to convince my kids and their friends that they should wear their school uniform on the school holidays, and carry their backpacks around! Thankfully they were willing.

We filmed the video over three days, with one day being the first Walk to School Wednesday event. The other days we went to parks, around the local neighbourhood and to the school to film. I had great fun flying the drone, whilst the kids had fun on their scooters. And my son made the music!

We made the video to advise our students and parents that Walk to School Wednesday would be a weekly activity and is super fun. We also wanted to inform them that we would hold Fuel Free Fridays on the last Friday of every month, and that Walking Buses would be organised. Mostly we wanted to inspire our kids to be active!

Here is the video, I hope you like it :)

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James (Your Move)

Fantastic Wendi! I love the 'free parking' and how you have highlighted the adventure element of active travel. Congratulations to everyone involved in the production. You have earned 22 points for your promo of Your Move and active travel (on top of the automatic 10 points for uploading a video), plus 20 'outstanding' points, and another 10 for your enthusiastic write-up of all the story details.

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