Tuart Hill Your Move Bike Education Session

Jessica Castles
Tuart Hill Primary School

Friday 18th September was an exciting day for Tuart Hill as we held our first Bike Education session. It was lovely to see the streets to school were a sea of red shirts on bikes on the morning and the day was sunny and clear. It was great to see the kids already showing lots of safe bike behaviour and consideration on the busy footpaths.

We had received more than 50 RSVPS from the keen kids in years 4,5 and 6 and nearly everyone remembered to either ride to school with their parents or be dropped off with their bikes and helmets.

Our new bike racks were given a workout and had their capacity exceeded by all the bikes

Kate Hunt did a wonderful job of preparing a powerpoint presentation using the Your Move information about bike rules and the ABCs of bike safety which was presented to all the years 4,5 and 6s as they were all seated after assembly. Then we had a practical session with a volunteer Richard from Bike Vault who brought his bike in and ran through the practical bike checks again

Then the kids who had brought their bikes and helmets were split into two groups (year 4s and the 5/6s in another). We took to the courts and were assisted by another 6 generous parent volunteers to run through the bike safety ABCs with the kids and their bikes and helmet checks. Once everyone was checked and safe, we commenced the bike practical courses.

The kids worked through the skills in the programme from safe mounting/dismounting, indicating using hand signals, turning and braking safely including emergency stops. They had fun passing pretend pedestrian "cones" and ringing their bells as well as negotiating the obstacle course and keeping a safe distance from each other.

The older kids were looking for a bit more of a challenge so Richard took them through some skill development about managing to mount a small kerb and riding over small obstacles.

The day was a fantastic success and we gratefully thank Kate for her hard work in compiling the presentation and materials which were handed out to the kids as well as the volunteers who came along to help make the day such a success. A healthy morning tea of fresh fruit was donated and was very appreciated by the hungry children!

We are looking forward to making this an annual event and ensuring we can continue to build on this momentum now the kids have the confidence to ride to school on our upcoming Your Move Active Travel Day on 21st October

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James (Your Move)

Hi Jessica - great story (especially outside of school term!). Your words and photos have really captured the day - I think National Geographic might come knocking at your door. I'm so glad 'nearly' everyone remembered their bikes!! You have earned 80 points for your Bike Ed session, plus a bonus 20 for such an engaging write up. Enjoy the break!

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