Tuart Hill Your Move Champions- establishing our student team!

Jessica Castles

Term 1, 2021 saw the Tuart Hill Your Move team ask for student nominations for "Your Move Champions". We used the helpful resources on the Your Move page as nomination forms and we were blown away by the ideas and creativity we received from the students.

We decided to ask our year 5's to nominate as the year 6's are very busy with other student leadership roles within the school. This will mean this role can continue with this group until term 1 next year (2022) when they can handover to the new group coming in.

We had originally said we would have 6 in the team but we received 10 awesome applications and we just couldn't narrow it down as they were all so keen and imaginative. It was too hard for our group to chose so we decided to ask all 10 to be champions.

We had kids who were passionate about saving the environment and reducing pollution as well as improving health and fitness of our school community both parents and children.

Some of the more imaginative ideas

  • A game developer who suggested making a game to encourage riding and using public transport
  • Having a prize at the end of the year for the kid who saves the most fuel by walking and riding (like that one as it will combine maths and geography with figuring who far people travel otherwise

Practical ideas included;

  • A new take on the cross country where kids could ride, scoot or skateboard a course around the school
  • Points being added to your faction for active travel and then that faction could have a trophy which goes to the winner each year
  • Dojo points for the student in their class

We look forward to the next school assembly on 30th April when we can announce these little legends and get started with their first meeting!

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James (Your Move)

What a productive and stimulating first meeting David! I can see what you mean about the ideas generated. You have earned 60 points for starting up your team and a bonus 20 for sharing so many elements of the meeting. I too am looking forward to hearing about the assembly today!

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