Tuart Hill Your Move Leaders Meeting

Wendi Graham

The Tuart Hill Primary School Your Move team met at their usual haunt this week, Little Donkey Corner Café, to discuss the Your Move progress to date, as well as plan our events for the rest of the year.

The progress in term one wasn’t as encouraging as we would have liked. After installing the new bike and scooter racks at the end of last year, the team were hopeful that the momentum of being active would roll into this year as well. It didn’t. There are potentially a few reasons for that. Everyone is very busy this term, and parents and students are a little more cautious in term one. Another reason is that the Your Move Leaders are also very busy and couldn’t throw as much time and energy into the cause as we could last year.

However we did have Walk to School Wednesday every week, and two successful Fuel Free Fridays. Also last term, Wendi and a bunch of students made some little videos about the best ways to use the bike racks and the scooter racks.

Planning ahead into the year, The Your Move team will be doing bike lessons with the Year 4’s, building bike tracks on the basketball courts as a lunch time activity, and continuing with Walk to School Wednesdays and Fuel Free Fridays. We will also be encouraging Walking buses along various main arteries to school.

Next week we will announce the Your Move Student Leaders, who will all receive custom made shirts. We are excited to begin working with this team and to hear their great ideas. Wendi and this team will also be installing Safe Route signs in term two.

Lastly, Wendi is working with local artist Dan Castles to paint a mural on the wall adjacent to the new bike racks. We are hoping to inject a colourful, fun design into the area that is currently just brick and concrete.

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Wow Wendi, it seems like you and the team have been busy, well done! You have earned 90 points for having a regular active travel day, 15 points for scheduling a regular planning sessions and 20 points for promoting your bike facilities. I also added 20 points for your story detail and 10 points for sharing your lessons learnt. The mural is going to look fantastic and we look forward to seeing all the exciting things you have planned.

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