Tuart Hill's Shiny New Bike Racks

Wendi Graham
Tuart Hill Primary School

We started the Your Move program at Tuart Hill only a few months ago and it has been such a great success. In order to capitalize on this, we knew that it was time to create more bike racks for the school.

Originally we only had space for 24 bikes, 12 on each side, and it wouldn’t take long for the racks to fill up in the morning. I knew that one of our parents owned a pipe bending company so I asked them if they would be able to whip some new racks up for the school, but at a price we could afford. They were very accommodating of our financial position and offered us a great deal for two new bike racks. I then asked our P&C to help pay for the racks, which was a unanimous yes!

Two weeks later, two shiny new racks arrived on Friday afternoon. You could not take the smile off my face!

And this is the picture from Monday morning. The racks are already being utilised and it seems like the kids are as happy with the racks as I am!

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James (Your Move)

Just brilliant Wendi! I love how you have utilised the skills within your school community to get the best outcome for THPS's bike parking upgrade. You earned 80 points by correctly linking to the "Install or upgrade bike parking" activity and I have also just given you another 10 points for creating a great story.

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