Unlocking Tuart Hill PS's First Grant

Wendi Graham
Tuart Hill Primary School

Recently Tuart Hill Primary School earned enough points to qualify for our first grant. We were very excited as our only goal when we joined the Your Move program was to get one scooter rack. But after many months of hard work, encouragement, and fun, we have qualified for the Platinum grant!

Today I met with Brett from Leda, the company that will be installing our new infrastructure. We spoke at length about what would be best for the school and measured out potential possibilities. I told Brett that a shelter over all of our racks was end game for us, so we decided to futureproof all plans so that the shelters could be installed with our next grant.

After much scribbling, pacing and discussing, it was determined that we will be getting 4 scooter/skateboard racks, and 6 bike racks. The bike racks we have chosen are the same width as the scooter racks so it should all look pretty neat and should suit the space perfectly. There is also plenty of room for shelters!

Leda are now costing up our quote and drawing up plans, and then our racks will be installed! Exciting stuff!

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I love the new bike rack.

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James (Your Move)

Great exposé on the process of choosing the infrastructure Wendi! Thanks especially for including images of the catalogue, it makes it all very tangible for the readers. You have earned 40 points for unlocking your Connecting Schools grant, plus 10 points for giving us an engaging read.

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