Working with Our Principal to create new fun Your Move Activities for our Students

Wendi Graham
Tuart Hill Primary School

Last Friday I met with Tuart Hill Primary School Principal Mrs Innes to discuss the great success that the Your Move program has had in the school to date, and many new topics and ideas that will be implemented in Term 3 and Term 4. Mrs Innes has great enthusiasm and passion for the Your Move Program. She is constantly working with us to make each new incentive bigger and better, and of course, make it fun for the students. Listed below are the items that we discussed.

1. The first item that was a Ride Safely to School colouring-in contest for students in Kindy through to Year 3. We decided that it was best to implement this immediately so after choosing the best colouring-in templates, the pictures were handed out to the students. The students now have the rest of the week to complete them. The teachers from each class will then choose the five best entries which will be displayed on the Your Move Wall in the school hall although every participating child will receive a sticker. The Your Move Champions will award prizes to the 3 best pictures from each year group, with all prizes being donated by the P&C.

Here is a picture of our new Your Move wall. I know it looks blank right now, but soon it will be filled with colouring pages! I'm very excited about decorating it!

2. The students from Year 4-6 will be undertaking the Travel Survey and Environmental Impacts Task in relation to the Fight For Planet A series on the ABC. The students will gather in the hall next week to complete the task together, although they may be broken up into smaller groups in order to complete specific details.

3. We have asked local community members to give Bike Education classes to the senior students (years 4-6). This will be conducted on Friday September 18th after the school assembly. The students will be encouraged to bring their bikes to school and will be taught road safety and how to care for their bikes. They will then get to test out these new learnings on a little bike track that we will set up in the out door area.

4. Decorate your Bike and Helmet day. We are very excited to introduce this to the students. The students will be encouraged to bring their bikes to school and decorate them during their lunch break. We will provide all of the decorations that they need. Once decorated we will hold a little parade in which the bikes will be judged on the following criteria – 1. synergy between bike and helmet, 2. bike is still rideable, 3. decorations remain in place throughout the parade. All participants will receive a prize and there will be prizes for the most colourful and fun bikes!

5. During Term 4 a bike track will be built on the basketball courts. The track will be built by student leaders and parent volunteers. The students will be encouraged to bring their bikes to school and enjoy riding in their lunch break – whilst wearing helmets of course!

That's it for now. We are very excited about all of these initiatives. I look forward to seeing all the entries to the colouring contest on Friday!

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James (Your Move)

Brilliant run down of your plans Wendi - I almost feel like I was in that planning session with you and Mrs Innes! You correctly linked the story to the Colouring-in comp activity which automatically gave you 25 points, and you will get lots more points for all those planned activities when they come to fruition. For now though you also receive a big 20 point bonus for sharing so many details of your upcoming plans. See you soon!

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