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Newsletter Inclusion

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We included one of the Your Move resources in our June College Newsletter to promote students riding, walking or scooting to school. We have seen an increase in the number of students doing this over the last two weeks.

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Ride to School Day

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In Term One, students from Pre-Primary to Year Six participated in Ursula Frayne Catholic College's Ride to School Day. Parents, teachers, canteen staff and kids worked together to promote a healthy and connected school community with a reduced carbon footprint.

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Being active, having fun with our friends and celebrating a sense of belonging all contribute to the happiness, and good mental and physical health of the students at Frayne.

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Students who rode, walked or scooted to school wore their crazy socks and received a healthy breakfast. They participated in fun activities like making apple slinkies, an obstacle course on wheels and creating delicious smoothies on a blender bike. We can't wait until we can have another event like this soon.

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Karen Rutter

Developing our 2019 committee

This story is related to Start a Student Team and have your first meeting.

On the 14th March we formed a Your move committee consisting of 12 year six students and myself. We discussed how to operate our Your Move day for this year. The students discussed ways that we could get all children involved and how each student can make a difference.

The students had fantastic suggestions on how to rewards the students and how we can reward the environment. The students wanted to be able to show how a simple thing such as walking to school each day has an impact on the environment and if we could somehow calculate this and plant a seedling/plant to give back to the environment. We also discussed how we could try to plot the distances the children travel.

We agreed to chart the number of children who walk/ride/scooter to school each day over the next two weeks and these children will go into a raffle for some fantastic prizes.

Our Your Move Day is on Friday 5th April, the students decided that on this day we will reward each child who walks/rides/ scooters with a free breakfast.

Looking forward to an exciting day!

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Kate Johnston

Ride2school Breakfast UFCC 6th April (1)


A great community atmosphere at the Ursula Frayne Catholic College Ride2School Breakfast. Parents were helping run the Bike station and blender bike. The Principal was also seen scooting to school. A great morning promoting a healthy lifestyle! Looking forward to our Walk2School Breakfast in Term 3!

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Kate Johnston

Ride2School Day UFCC

Wow! What a great turn out to the Ursula Frayne Ride2School Breakfast. Over 150 children rode their bike or scooted to school. It was a great morning with a healthy breakfast, prizes, music, tattoos, a bike station and even a blender bike which made smoothies as you pedalled! Thank you to Friends of Frayne for all their help with the event!


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Kate Johnston

Positive Community Vibe!

Everyday during the monster hunt a great vibe and atmosphere was felt within the school. The children loved sharing stories of the monsters they had found on the way to school. What a great way to promote active modes of transport! Thanks Your Move and TransPerth!

We've found a few monsters already- we like walking/riding to school because it's healthy and helps the environment.

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Best active thing about being active on our way to school - "finding a monster" "having fun together on way to school"


We love walking to school because there are so many interesting things to look at along the way.

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Kate Johnston

Monster hunting!

"The best bit about walking to school today was hunting for the monsters. My favourite way to get to school is to walk or scoot".

Our advice for family's who haven't tried walking, scooting or riding to school would be to try walking/scooting/riding partway to school first. Drive and park a few blocks away to see how long it takes, then park a bit further away each time".

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"I liked looking for the monsters. My favourite way to get to school is scooting and walking".

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Mum: "I enjoyed the fresh air and laughs along the way".


Our advice for family's who haven't tried walking, scooting or riding to school would be to try walking/scooting/riding partway to school first. Drive and park a few blocks away to see how long it takes, then park a bit further away each time".

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Kate Johnston

Walk to School Day and the Your Move Breakfast

This story is related to Hands up survey

The weather forecast did not look great, storms were expected... but the sun emerged from the clouds and the rain stopped just in time for the Ursula Frayne Walk to School Day and Your Move Breakfast! Over 200 children and parents arrived in rain jackets with their umbrellas. A great breakfast was enjoyed by all families who made pledges to commit to actively trying to walk, ride, scoot or use public transport to get to and from school. Transperth shared valuable information with the children and parents about how to use smartriders and bus services in our area. The children loved their stickers and tattoos. The school is looking forward to improving their hands up survey in the wake of the success of the great morning. Thank you to Natasha, Transperth, Your Move and the Town of Victoria Park for a great morning!


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Kate Johnston

Scoot or ride to school results: Student reporters on the day!

On Friday the Seventeenth of March the school held the ride or scoot to school event . India Chandler and Lucy Crowley are two Year 6 syudents. They went around to 8 classes to survey who rode to school and enjoyed this experience and would like to have more days like these .

Here are the results: Out of 8 classes we surveyed for results we got 161 participants from classes which included 5R , 2W ,2R, 4W, 4R, PPR, 1W and 1R . We also interviewed some parents on the day which included Jodi Paprocki , Raff Di Bartolomeo and Kelly Chambers.

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Kelly Chambers

Ride 2 School Day

We had an excellent turnout for our Ride (or scoot) 2 School Day this morning. Kids and parents came with their bikes and scooters and it was wonderful to see the whole community getting behind it. The healthy breakfast was a hit as well, with kids going back for more and more. Can't wait to see what impact it has on families using these modes of transport from now on!

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Kate Johnston

Scoping out bike rack locations!

bike racks.png

At the moment we only have one small bike rack. It would be great to have bigger bike racks at our school for all the children to lock up their bikes in a safe and secure location. Can't wait to use our points to redeem new bike racks. I think we have found the perfect location! :)

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