On the 14th March we formed a Your move committee consisting of 12 year six students and myself. We discussed how to operate our Your Move day for this year. The students discussed ways that we could get all children involved and how each student can make a difference.

The students had fantastic suggestions on how to rewards the students and how we can reward the environment. The students wanted to be able to show how a simple thing such as walking to school each day has an impact on the environment and if we could somehow calculate this and plant a seedling/plant to give back to the environment. We also discussed how we could try to plot the distances the children travel.

We agreed to chart the number of children who walk/ride/scooter to school each day over the next two weeks and these children will go into a raffle for some fantastic prizes.

Our Your Move Day is on Friday 5th April, the students decided that on this day we will reward each child who walks/rides/ scooters with a free breakfast.

Looking forward to an exciting day!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Karen - I'm very happy to see Ursula Frayne getting their YM team up and running for 2019. I have linked this story to the activity " Start a Student Team and have your first meeting" and that has given you 60 activity points, plus you received a bonus 10 for all the details. I can't wait to hear how your YM day goes next month!

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