Constable Care – Keeping us Safe!

Leanne Lee
Victoria Park Primary School

How awesome that the Department of Transport “Your Move” program has enabled our Year 4 students to attend a fully-funded excursion to the Constable Care Safety School in Maylands. What a brilliant way to learn about road safety!

After meeting the friendly Constable Care team to find out the ground rules and share their road safety knowledge, the students headed outdoors to learn and practise vital pedestrian, bicycle and public transport safety skills.

Some of our Year 4s were apprehensive about riding, however the bikes with training wheels gave these students the confidence to join in the action!

Thank you to the fabulous team at Constable Care for making the experience one to remember! The children learnt a lot as you can see from the posters they have created.

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James (Your Move)

I bet the kids thought that this was an excellent way to finish up the year! They are some striking posters they have created 😊. You have earned 50 points for doing this excursion, plus 10 points for your engaging story. Have a wonderful break Leanne and see you next year. BTW - did the WSB operate in Term 4? If so don't forget to give us an update!

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