Constable Care Makes Us Aware!

Leanne Lee
Victoria Park Primary School

The Year 4 students at Victoria Park Primary School were delighted to attend the Constable Care Safety School in Maylands. The safety school provides a realistic environment simulating Perth streets. Some of the infrastructure includes roads and shared paths with scale buildings, roundabouts, working rail crossings, pedestrian crossings, functioning traffic lights, and even a bus stop and train station (with a full size train and bus!)

After meeting the friendly Constable Care team to find out the ground rules and share their road safety knowledge, the students headed outdoors to learn and practise vital pedestrian, bicycle and public transport safety skills.

A very big thank you to Department of Transport who funded this amazing opportunity through the Connecting Schools Grant! And thank you to the fabulous team at Constable Care for making the experience one to remember!

Following the excursion, the students created a poster reflecting on their learning. Here is some of the information they learned…

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James (Your Move)

I love those posters Leanne! That advice about tying your shoe laces is very valid - even as an adult I fall for that one occasionally! Being such an engaging story, you have earned a bonus 10 points on top of the 40 points you earned for updating us on on how you used your grant to visit the Safety School. Have a wonderful break and see you in 2021.

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