Constable Care Safety School

Leanne Lee
Victoria Park Primary School

Victoria Park Primary School students from Years 4-6, were delighted to attend the Constable Care Safety School in Maylands. What an outstanding, realistic environment for students to learn and practise vital pedestrian, bicycle and public transport travel safety skills. A very big thank you to Victoria Park Primary School P&C who funded this amazing opportunity! And thank you to the fabulous team at Constable Care for making the experience one to remember!

Here is what the children had to say…

“From today’s excursion at Constable Care I learnt that you need to go to a pedestrian crossing if it is only 20 metres away from you. Also I learnt that when exiting a roundabout you should put your left hand out to indicate you are exiting.” Siddhanth

“A key message I learnt today is that if you are given the choice you should not sit on the front seat as it is more hazardous.” Riddhi

“First of all I really enjoyed visiting the Constable Care Safety School. I really enjoyed riding the bikes and answering the questions on the iPads. The thing that I’m always going to remember is that if you are 20 metres from a road crossing, you have to use it.” Medhansh

“I learnt how to use an indicator when riding around a roundabout… right when riding, left when exiting.” Arya

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James (Your Move)

Hi Leanne - the students' comments and your photos really say it all! What a wonderful day out and well done for the P&C providing the funding. You earned 50 points automatically by linking to the "Constable Care" activity, plus a bonus 10 points for the lovely write-up and another bonus of 5 points for including the students comments.

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