At Victoria Park Primary School, we have a weekly Walk, Ride, Scoot to School day to encourage healthy habits for our students and the environment.

The class with the highest percentage of active students, wins Dino for the week. Dino is our ‘Your Move’ mascot. We believe this is a more sustainable practice, than regularly handing out prizes, as we are also promoting the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle philosophy within our school.

The poster below is a reminder sent to parents via Seesaw.

Some healthy competition is being created through staff emails, and the student councillor announcements in the afternoon.

Our Year 3/4 class has won 5 times this term! As you can see below, Dino is getting a little too comfortable in Room 1! He's even got his own Soundwaves, iMaths and iPad!

The big question is… Will the Year 3/4s continue their winning streak? We will keep you posted!

Great job, team!

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for the update on your Wednesday regular Walk, Ride, Scoot to school day. We rewarded you earlier this month for the Dino interclass competition, but didn't give you the 90 points for the Regular Active Travel Day. So now I have given you the 90 points for that, plus 10 for using Seesaw to promote Active Travel and another 10 for sharing the details of how it all works. I hope Dino is getting enough physical activity with Room 1 monopolising him 😁.

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