Make Your Move Week

Valerie Thompson

The Make Your Move Week Scavenger Hunt has seen many of our students on the look out for monsters! The aim of the game is to get active by walking, riding or scooting to school with family and search for 25 monsters along the way. Once found,families are encouraged to take a photo with the monster and post it online to earn points for our school.


Behaviour Change Results

Our results for Make Your Move Week to a usual day are as follows:

-17%Decrease in driving

18%Increase in walking

-29%Decrease in public transport

-6%Decrease in cycling

Our thanks go to Natasha for co-ordinating the week and to the Dept of Transport and the Town of Victoria Park for making our week filled with monster mayhem!

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Justine (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing these results, and describing how the week has been so far! Are these the results compared to your usual Wedsnesday survey? A great effort by all of the students and parents involved, as usual :)

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