Ride2School event planning

Valerie Thompson

Next Wednesday, March 14 we are holding our first Your Move event for Kindy to Yr 6. It will compliment our weekly Walk,Ride, Scoot to School Wednesday with a few extra goodies added in! The students will receive a sticker on arrival and enjoy some fruit and yoghurt to celebrate their efforts. All students who participate will go into a lucky dip prize draw as an extra bonus. We have used our reward points to obtain an IGA voucher for the breakfast foods and we will use the stickers etc provided when registering for Ride2School. Next step is to meet with our Yr 5 & 6 student volunteers who will help tick off the names of the students as they arrive, give out stickers, help with the breakfast and take some photos of the big day. Fingers crossed for some great weather for riding, scooting and walking!


Check out the neat poster we made to promote the event.

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This all sounds great Valerie, good use of your points for YM resources! Look forward to seeing the photos :)

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