Our weekly Walk, Ride, Scoot to School Day is certainly creating some discussion and healthy competition among staff and students!

The Year 3/4s win again this week with 72% of students choosing active transport to get to school. Room 17 was a close 2nd with 71% of their students choosing active transport.

But we're all winners here at Victoria Park Primary School! Each week we're noticing more students are joining us in the effort to reduce congestion around our school during the morning drop off. Great for the environment, and our health and well-being!

Check out the behaviour change results below... We've had a 15% reduction in the number of students arriving by car! Keep up the great work team!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Leanne - 15% in the last month is an enviable result! Keep it up, everyone 😊. Although we have already given you the activity points this term for your Regular Active Travel Day and your Interclass Competition, I have just given you another 10 points for sharing these additional details.

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