It was like Christmas at Victoria Park Primary school when we received our safety sign package through the Connecting School grant. What a valuable resource! We have used the signs to set up a realistic environment for the children to learn essential road safety skills through role play.

It was very rewarding to hear the students talk about their learning...

“We have to stop, look and listen before we cross the road and we should use a crosswalk or lights if they are close.”

“Now I know how important it is to wait until the cars stop before I step onto the crosswalk, because not all drivers pay attention.”

“We have to listen really carefully just in case a car comes around the corner, so we shouldn’t have our earphones in with the music really loud.”

We also look forward to the installation of the Bike Repair Station early next term. This will be conveniently located near our bike racks. Senior students will be trained in the correct use of the station and will assist the younger students when checking tyre pressure. We are confident that the bike repair station will encourage more students to ride their bikes to school.

A big thank you to the team at Your Move for providing us with opportunities to obtain such valuable resources for our school!

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James (Your Move)

First up, I've got to say how much I like that stunning mural on the wall behind the kids! How lovely to learn about road safety in front of such a beautiful background. Excellent news that you have complemented the safety sign kit with a repair station! You have earned 40 points for your outline of your Connecting Schools grant, plus a bonus 10 for making it such a good read and another 5 points for including the students' feedback on the resource. Don't forget to also let us know if you also share all this good news in your school's newsletter or perhaps with the local media!

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