VPPS Walking School Bus – Up and Running Again!

Leanne Lee

We were very excited to recommence the Victoria Park Primary School Walking School Bus in week seven last term. This service is currently running three mornings a week. We are hoping to enlist the help of more volunteers this term which will enable us to run the service four, or ultimately five, mornings a week.

So great to see a few newcomers join us. We don’t doubt that the warmer weather will encourage even more children to get active and walk to school.

This is what some of the children who use the service have to say about the Walking School Bus…

“I like the walking school bus because you get energy.” Grace

“I like the walking school bus because I like being very active and I also like helping the planet by walking, riding, scooting or skating.” Mael

“I like the walking school bus because it’s a fun way to start the day and you’re very active.” Millie

A big thank you to the parent volunteers who continue to support this great initiative!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Mael, Grace, Millie and Leanne - thanks for your term 3 update on the WSB (90 points! Don't forget another update later on for term 4). It is fantastic to hear that your WSB didn't suffer from the pause in term 2, but in fact has grown in participants and volunteers! Thanks for also sharing some of the reasons the participants love it - giving energy, helping the planet and fun - sharing the kids' thoughts has earned you a bonus 5 points on top of 10 points for giving us all a good read.

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