Victoria Park Primary School was very pleased to continue the Walking School Bus in 2019. We were able to offer this service on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings with the help of our amazing parent volunteers. We are so grateful for your ongoing support and could not do it without you! Looking forward to continuing this valuable service in 2020.

Some of the children have shared what they enjoy most about the Walking School Bus (WSB)…

“I get to see my friends and talk to them on the way, and it gives me lots of exercise so I enjoy it.” Josie

“I like the WSB because it’s healthy, and I like to talk with my friends.” Matteo

“It is relaxing and I like to talk to anyone I see on the WSB.” Zoe

“I like to hang out with Matteo on the WSB.” Jasper

“I like the WSB because you get more exercise and it helps your body.” Millie

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James (Your Move)

A very enjoyable retrospective on your WSB Leanne - it always fascinates me how a large proportion of kids' positive comments about the WSB are because of the social benefits. They just want to be with their mates and the WSB can the the perfect way to achieve that! You earned 70 points for this update, plus 15 bonus points for including the kids' comments and making it a perfect end of year read. Remember... you can earn those 70 points each term that you give us an update in 2020!

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