Where Have All the Walking School Bus Kids Gone?

Leanne Lee

The Walking School Bus service had a great start to the year with up to 20 kids joining the walk to school, three mornings a week.

But in recent weeks, this number has dwindled to just a couple of kids.

Where has everyone gone?

Is it the rain? NO!

Is it the cold mornings? NO WAY!

Is it laziness? DEFINITELY NOT!

Well where is everyone?

Oh they’re down the road at Running Club, and then they all walk to school from there…

Well done gang!

We look forward to getting the Walking School Bus up and running again when Running Club finishes!

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James (Your Move)

😦... haha, you had me there Leanne 😅 - there I was thinking the WSB had fizzled! I love your take on the the constant influences on active travel to school. Great to hear that the WSB can fit in with your running club and that you are already to fire things up again next term. You have earned 90 points for your Term 2 update of the WSB and 10 points for your entertaining story 😊!

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