Year 1s Walk Their Way To Burswood Park

Leanne Lee
Victoria Park Primary School

It was a big decision! Do we hire a bus or walk down to Burswood Park to explore our beautiful local surroundings? It was a long way for little legs, but the kids were keen to get active!

The team determined the safest route, issued everyone with a high vis vest, and they were on their way! Even Ms Claassens in her moonboot!

The Year 1s thoroughly enjoyed exploring their local community, looking at the various natural and built features to gather ideas for their park designs. And what a fabulous opportunity to learn and practice some very important road safety skills along the way. The Year 1s did a great job following the ‘Stop, Look, Listen, Think’ strategy when crossing the road, and they kept left on the footpaths to avoid any collisions with cyclists.

Great job, team!

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James (Your Move)

Clearly the kids made the right decision to walk for the excursion 🤩. I love how the team helped plan out the route. I hope Ms Claassens foot was up to the trip 😮. You and the team have earned 25 points for choosing to use Active Travel for this excursion and another 10 points for your engaging story details. Have a wonderful week Leanne!

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