Getting out of the Vicious Cycle-Ride to Work Breakfast Planned

Gemma Cook

There will be music. There will be people. There will be bikes. There will be papparazzi lining up to take your photos. There will be people wearing lycra....OK maybe not...but there will be free coffee and pastries...

Staff that work at 170 Railway Parade are being encouraged to ride their bike to work for 'A Wheely Good Wednesday! Ride to Work' Breakfast next week with free coffee from local cafe Hylin and pastries and fruit from Chez Jean Claude Patisserie.

With the help of a $250 Bike Month Grant and WALGA's internal sustainability group, Greenworks', that aims to encourage WALGA staff to adopt more sustainability practices at home and at work, WALGA is excited to invite staff working at 170 Railway Parade to this Bike Month event.

WALGA staff were sent out a calendar invite from Greenworks and WALGA's Building Manager passed on the calendar invite to other organisations operating from 170 Railway Parade. Posters have also been printed and put around the building to promote the event.

The first 50 people at the breakfast can get a snap of them on their bike with a polaroid camera and take it home or put it up at work to encourage others to ride a bike.

The City of Vincent's Active Travel Officer has also been very helpful in organising two eBikes for WALGA staff to try out on the day. Staff will be able to go for a cruise down to Lake Monger or around West Leederville with the aim to get new people on bikes and encouraging WALGA to purchase an eBike for staff to use to get to meetings.

A tour of the end of trip facilities is also available for staff who are thinking of riding into work.

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James (Your Move)

Great to "see" you with your WALGA hat (helmet?) on Gemma! Nice work pulling this together with the Greenworks sustainability group. You have earned 40 points for accessing the Bike Month grant,12 points for your first WALGA Your Move story and 20 points for a fully detailed outline of your plans. I can see some more stories on your Greenways Working Group (worth 50 points), the facilities tour (25 points) and the actual event (40 points) - I'll be staying tuned 😊!

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Thanks James! Yes, I have two hats between Canning and WALGA and more opportunities for improving active travel! Merci for the positivity and points :) Hope you have found some good bike tracks in France!

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James (Your Move)


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