2020 Your Move Awards - Champions!

Kierah Dengate

This morning Warnbro Community High School Student Leaders Dakota and Ethan, our Chaplain Ms Stonesmith and Associate Principal Ms Wetton attended the 2020 Your Move Awards at UWA.

Dakota and Ethan represented WCHS greatly as they participated as part of a panel on 'What role should transport play in creating healthy communities' and receiving the Champion Award in Student Teams: Health and Wellbeing!

WCHS has only been a part of Your Move for a year and are already soaring through. This morning we realised how much of a community Your Move really is and it inspired our team to look forward to not only come up with more ideas and to start planning but bigger and better events for 2021 with Your Move.

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I had the pleasure of sitting at the same table as Dakota & Ethan. Well done to both of you, not only getting up before the sun to get there but also for participating in the panel. It is no mean feat to talk in front of an assembled gathering; well done to both of you!

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Congratulations WCHC and well done Dakota and Ethan for your student leadership and speaking so well this morning. You were fabulous - from Hillcrest Primary School.

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These students were amazing! I loved hearing them speak about all of the awesome things they have done. Well done!!

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James (Your Move)

Thanks so much for sharing this Kierah - from the comments below it sounds like Dakota & Ethan were a real hit! You have earned 50 points for Ms Stonesmith and Ms Wetton attending the Awards, 40 points for Dakota and Ethan presenting, and a bonus 10 for making a good read out of it!

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