Our Access Guides are mapped! Over the past week and a half, our Your Move Committee Focus Group has been out and about in our community walking, biking and testing the various modes of public transport to find the optimal route for new and upcoming students to take to school. Some of these maps were much harder than others as one of our primary schools, Endeavour Primary, takes nearly twenty minutes by bike!

The usage of these maps cannot be understated. When discovering that most of our car cluster was comprised of our Year 7 cohort, our leaders began investigating why this might be happening. What they found was that the majority of Year 7 students chose to be driven to school because they did not know the quickest and safest routes. Including these maps in the transition guides ensure new students will be encouraged to travel by active means as soon as possible – rather than discovering routes via their friends and peers later in the term. Hopefully, this will be reflected in our ‘Hands Up’ survey next year!

Additionally, as of Wednesday next week, corresponding with World Bicycle Day, our student leaders will be giving out free hot milo to students who either walk or bike to school. Students arriving at school will receive a fleet point which they can redeem at recess for a hot drink in winter or an icy pole in summer. This initiative will continue throughout the year and is entirely student lead.

Our team have embraced the Your Move program and are always brainstorming new and exciting ways they can contribute!

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James (Your Move)

A big effort from the Warnbro Your Move Committee! I have re-linked the story to the "Map Safe Routes" activity which is worth 70 points (20 points more than the Access Guide). Let us know when the Access Guide gets published and we can give you more points for that too! You also got an extra 10 points for really going into the details of how this came about. I'm looking forward to hearing about your World Bicycle Day event next week!

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David (Your Move)

Great effort WCHS team. This is the starting point for a really great resource. You can use this information to create your very own school access guide, we have a great resource to help you right here: https://yourmove.org.au/resources/create-a-school-access-guide/ - feel free to get in touch and we'll work through the next steps.

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