Conducting a Your Move Hands Up Survey at High School

Leslie Eddy

I thought I would share an overview of how I went about conducting the Your Move survey at our high school. Firstly a date and time was confirmed. I printed a schedule of all the classes for the session 1 on the date decided which teacher names and student totals in each class to prepare a tick list.

To prepare the teachers, I sent several all staff emails about the survey, and how it benefits our school. I made up a survey questionnaire that was simple and explained how to conduct the survey in the session, again outlining the benefits of the survey for our school. I added the teacher's name and class and as the forms were returned to me, I could tick them off my list as survey returned. Those who didn't return the survey after that session, as requested, I emailed and followed them up with kind reminders.

The question surveys made up for each class were placed into each teachers pigeon holes that was teaching that session and I followed up any relief teachers. Again an email reminder was sent to collect the survey from their pigeonhole and be ready for the survey the following day.

The survey was conducted and the teachers returned the forms that day. After waiting a couple of days for the remaining surveys from teachers, I then completed the Your Move online survey adding each line as the teacher's name and class name. I then compared the current survey against the last survey conducted to find out what we need to focus on this year.

All the best to those others conducting your first survey, it wasn't too hard, I don't think. Good Luck!

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Natasha (Your Move)

Thank you for sharing your detailed hands up survey process, Leslie 😃 It can be tricky conducting a hands up survey in a high school setting and you made it effortless 😉 You have earned 20 points for your well-written story.

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