Cycling in the Community

Kierah Dengate

Cycling in the community forms a significant component of the Year 7 – 10 Adventure Recreation Program at Warnbro Community High School. Cycling in the community helps students recognise not only bike safety but most importantly road safety. From a curriculum perspective cycling focus' on several strands from the Movement and Physical Activity context of Health and Physical Education.

Cycling in the community brings awareness to our students around:

- Road rules

- Being alert of the traffic around them

- Changing lanes and turning

- Signalling their intentions.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Kierah - it is so good that Warnbro has integrated bike riding so much into the curriculum. This really is what Your Move is all about - making Active Travel a normal part of school life. I have linked your story to the "Bike Ed" activity for term 4 - which means another 80 points has gone your way!

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