Healthy Riding, Healthy Breakfast!

Cassandra Milne

Good morning everyone, and what a morning it has been! Warnbro Community High School participated in the National Ride2School Day, encouraging our students to walk or ride a bike/scooter to school. The turnout was absolutely spectacular, with many kids crowding with their Fleet Points to receive a healthy mixed berry smoothie or a muesli, fruit and yogurt cup. Both our teachers and our student leaders did an absolutely fantastic job with the morning – kudos to you!

The results of our 'Hands Up' Survey are in! From the snapshot gathered, here are our results of how our students get to school:

Scooter & Ride: 17.5%

Bus: 8%

Walk: 39.5%

Car: 35%

However, as you can see here, the numbers on our Ride2School seemed to have dwarfed that!

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James (Your Move)

Yep - that shot of the bike parking says it all! 65% active travel on a 'normal' day is an impressive baseline - I wonder how much you had on your event day. Congrats to everyone involved - especially the kitchen team styling it up with the matching aprons! Your R2SD event has earned you 40 points.

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