Over the past 2 terms, our Your Move team has been aiming for Gold! We have just reached Gold and we are super excited. Our team has been planning on how they would use the grants once we can apply, and they have their eyes set on the Bike Maintenance Station and also thought some Scooter Racks were needed as the storage for scooters and skateboards (see picture) is not ideal. A lot of our students ride their bike or ride their scooter to school, so both of these items would be a perfect addition to our school community.

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James (Your Move)

Yes, I see what you mean about your current scooter storage solution. Excellent that the team has been thinking about how to use the Connecting Schools grant. Also, great news that you have just made it to gold accreditation - make sure you let us know if you have any celebration of this (a team photo shoot, or maybe even a story in the local media!), or if you post an article in your school newsletter about Your Move.

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