Say hello to our 'Your Move Committee Focus Group'!

Cassandra Milne

We promised, and we delivered! Here are our Student Ambassadors for 2020 with the schools they have selected to map. Over this week, they are going to be exploring the local area between their chosen primary school and Warnbro Community High School, documenting safe walking paths, bike trails and means of public transport for future students.

We’re looking forward to their results!

Additionally, as a result of our school being chosen as a High School Focus group, our Chaplain Chrissie and the Student Leaders have created the Your Move Committee Focus Group. They are brainstorming ways that they can contribute to the Your Move project via stories, activities and other initiatives that can be done by themselves or with the help of other students. Some of the ideas they came up with included a journal entry alongside their accessibility map, detailing how long it took them to travel, what routes they recommend and don’t recommend, how they felt while travelling/using public transport, etc.; incentives to reward students who travel to school by active means (and how to encourage their peers to participate); and how to promote Your Move at various events like Warnbro Day should these events go ahead later in the year.

Their suggestions will help Chrissie and I bring recommendations to the Your Move Team to improve the experience for participating high schools and help implement any trial activities and programs. We’re incredibly lucky to have such a passionate, creative bunch of students and are looking forward to next week’s meeting to see the ideas they bring to the table.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Cassandra - it sure looks like the Your Move Committee Focus Group are fired up already! Thanks for sharing all the ideas that came out of your team meeting (continuing regular meetings this term has earned you 15 points). Thanks also for giving the update on your mapping activity - the activity itself will be scored when complete, but for now you received a bonus 10 points for all the details on this and your focus group meeting.

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