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Kierah Dengate

Every Monday at Lunch, our student leadership team come together to discuss activities or events which may benefit their peers and bring different topics to their attention.

Leading up to Warnbro Wednesday for the week, our student leadership came up with an idea to search for a bike checkist to hand out to students as they arrive to school. They took the initiative, found a checklist and made it happen.

On Wednesday 2nd September, one of our fantastic student leaders, Kya, stood at our bike rack gates handing out the checklist to students. Kya even demonstrated what fellow peers could be looking for with the help of Jack and his bike. This was to identify any problems students may have and to make sure they are checking their bikes regularly to see if it is safe to ride to and from school.

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James (Your Move)

What a great story Keirah! It is simply inspiring to read how the team brainstormed the idea and then put it into action. Great to see 'Jack' in the thick of it too! You have earned 25 points for this bike maintenance lightning campaign, plus a bonus 30 'innovation' points for this being the first story posted of such an activity conceived and run by students. Well done!

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