I was exciting to have the opportunity to apply for a bike safety check package for our high school. I thought this was a useful package that our high school students would like to be apart of and have the opportunity to get their bike looked over mechanically and serviced.

With the "walk to school safely day" on tomorrow I thought this was a perfect opportunity to use the package as part of the prizes to our students that are involved in the walk. The package I applied for was the "Bike Safety Checks" where a bike mechanic sets up at the school and provides a comprehensive safety check and basic service to 30 bikes in the school day. I have made up tokens and an information sheet to give out to the winners who have a bike and win one of the prizes. I have numbered the tokens 1 to 30, so on the following Friday when I have booked in the service, the students bring in their bike and they simply pop the number on the bike drop it in as there are 30 eligible bikes that will be identified for the mechanics to work on.

So a big thank you to Your Move for this opportunity for the school champions to be able to access this opportunity. I believe the students will love receiving this as part of a prize tomorrow.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing how you are using your Super Boost package Leslie. Doing so has earned you 40 points (plus 10 for sharing all the details of how it will work). It is a great idea to use the safety checks as rewards for todays W2SD event.

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