On Monday 15th June 2020 during their lunchtime our Student Leaders had a meeting to plan for the second semester and events they would like to participate in.

The students who had something to discuss, stood in front of the room and spoke about their plans to promote active travel in the five primary schools in our catchment area for the Years 6’s. Student ambassadors will attend primary schools to discuss active travel to high school.

Student Leaders will be conducting Wellbeing Wednesday run by Nakyta starting in term 3, which rewards students for being active on their way to school. They will also be planning a Hands up survey to be completed in Term 3 Week 10 on the Monday.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing the details of your Student Leader's meeting. Although you have already received points for team meetings this term, I can still give you 10 points for all the details. I'm looking forward to seeing how your catchment area project goes and also your Wellbeing Wednesdays.

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