I am a little late writing this story, but I wanted to post how earlier in the term how we received the bronze award and I have added it to our sign on the bike rack fence. As I pop the sticker up my thoughts are going into the school holidays of being a little more structured in Term 2 with Your Move.

When I get the team together for our first meeting in Term 2 our discussions and ideas will of course include how we will endeavour to fill these spaces. It's a challenge for us all, although I have always enjoy challenges and it's such a good cause even to just get our children more active. So I am proud to say being a newbie to Your Move! Bring on Term 2, bring on some set times in my diary to write stories and set meetings to structure the organisation for the up and coming events for Term 2.

All the best to you all for the Easter Holidays, please have a safe and relaxing one. Please find attached the photo of our first sticker achieved for 2022.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing these reflections Leslie - it is nice to know that our accreditation stickers can stimulate such thoughts 😊. You have earned 10 points for these reflections - did you know that if you have a celebration of your accreditation level acheivements with your team or perhaps at an assembly (when possible) you can earn 15 points for the activity "Presentation ceremony for Your Move sign/accreditation"?

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