Well the build up for the week was a bit dampened by rain! But the day still went off successfully with lots of happy winners and full bellies of a healthy breakfast thanks to the City of Rockingham.

Our "walk to school safely day" was advertised on our facebook throughout month leading up to our event, as well as communication sent out to our families through connect, emails were sent to teachers to advise them of the event and to encourage the students to walk to school.

The days leading up to the event were busy shopping and prepping for breakfast. We made ham and cheese toasties, fruit smoothies, fruit platters and weetbix breakfast bars. And as we had won the super boost of a bike service and safety check for 30 students, I booked it straight in for next week and included this into the prizes with drink bottles, pens and mobile phone pockets. I made up signage, a competition box and winning tokens with a letter explaining what the instructions were and the date for the bike service to attend.

On the morning we set up a table and gave out tickets to those that walked or rode and they needed to complete there name and year and pop it in the competition box. We also placed some platters of fruit, toasties and breakfast bars for students to take from the table and others were directed to the breakfast club for the free breakfast. The rain came down, but all in all the day was successful. I have attached some photos from the day for you to view.

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James (Your Move)

Great shots of everyone getting into the spirit of things (and getting into the food!) 😁. I'm glad to hear that the rain didn't dampen things at all and also that you have manages to take advantage of your bike checks straight away. You have earned 40 points for your NW2SD event, 10 points for using social media this term to promote active travel and 20 points for your detailed and engaging story. Have a terrific weekend 😎!

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