WCHS Hands Up Survey - Nov 2020

Kierah Dengate

What a year it has been, and what a great amount of achievements we have accomplished. For our end of year Hands Up survey we will admit it was a little bit of a struggle getting results back from our classes but in the end we pulled together to make it happen.

Our results in November are not where we would like them to be but we feel having both Year 11's and Year 12's finishing for the year, we did not have the same amount of data as we did last year to effectively compare the two.

Going into 2021 it will be something we will look at improving, whether that be the delivery of the survey, and/ or the timing of our end of year survey to hopefully include all students from Year 7-12.

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James (Your Move)

Yes, there is always something new to learn and I think having sample groups as consistent as possible is a big factor in the accuracy of the surveys. The most important thing, is to see the positives - and clearly you are doing that! You have automatically earned 50 points for uploading your end of year results and I have just given you another 5 points for your reflections here.

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As James wisely said, find the positives! 55% AT is a great win. Well done the Team at WCHS!

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