WCHS Pledge for 2021

Kierah Dengate

As we arrived at the 2020 Your Move Awards on Wednesday 18 November, our Student Leaders, Ethan and Dakota were asked what our pledges were for 2021 with Your Move.

We stood there as a team and pondered on some of the activities we would like to achieve for 2021. The two that were picked were ones that we had not really thought about and thought they were a great place to start planning our ideas together in 2021.

Installing Wayfinding signs - this would benefit our current and future students on their way to high school, whether walking, riding or scooting as they will not only know the safest way to school but how long it is going to take. This is also a great activity to see if they become more aware of timing and planning their route to school.

Conduct a parent survey - Conducting a parent survey will give us an idea on the parents outlook on how they travel to school with their children and planting a seed in their minds about more active ways to travel to school with their children instead of driving.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Kierah, Ethan and Dakota - you have really put some thought into these pledges - thanks so much for sharing! It seems like our pledge activity has really stimulated some thinking for your 2021 plans. I look forward to seeing how these seeds of ideas grow and blossom next year. You have earned 25 points for sharing your pledges, plus a bonus 10 for all the thinking behind it.

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