What's New at Warnbro Community High School

Leslie Eddy

I wanted to share this new activity that Warnbro Community High School have introduced for our outdoor education students and I think outdoor education ties in so well with my Your Move goals of getting our students active. I am making this another priority in Term 2 to work more closely with the physical education department team. Once I have achieved a working partnership with PE, I will endeavour to move on to other departments that can bring the Your Move activities and objectives into their classrooms in theory.

So what's new at Warnbro Community High School? Well the PE department have purchased exciting new skateboards, they call Smoothstars. Smoothstars is a new skateboard that has a different turning system to a normal skateboard, which allows for turning that is similar to surfing. The rider generates speed through carving and turning rather than pushing with their feet. This is not only a great activity by itself, but will allow students to develop skills that will directly transfer to surfing, which is one of the most popular activities in the Adventure Recreation program here at WCHS. The idea behind this is amazing, but to see it introduced into our high school is exciting for me as a Your Move champion, the students start to trial these activities in their physical education sessions, and then we hope there is a growing love for this activity of skateboarding. A lot of students think skateboarding is hard and are reluctant to try skateboarding in the fear of failing to be able to do it. I hope these PE sessions will encourage students to realise, that skateboarding is something they can do and in turn will want to purchase one for themselves, when the students realise skateboarding isn't as hard as they thought. I believe this will encourage some students to purchase their own skateboard and what a great way to get active and another active way on getting to school, instead of getting their mum to drive them. I have attached a couple of photos of this exciting new activity at WCHS.

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James (Your Move)

I bet the students are super happy about these PE classes! It certainly beats the old star-jumps 😆. You have earned 40 points for having these lessons in Term 1. I have also given you 20 points for your detailed explanation and also for your reflection on how you are prioritising working with other teachers throughout the school. Have a great break and see you next term 😊.

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