2017 YM Introductions

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Each year we ask the members of our YM Team to outline their thoughts on YM.

Hi, I'm Cohen C. I am in 10 years old & in Year 6. I really love to play video games & science. I am doing YM because I love organizing events & I've never been in a group before. I want to improve my speaking in public & at Assemblies. We are focussing on getting 50%+ AT by the end of Term 1. One of our other goals is getting to Double Platinum (mentor's note: why not reach for the sky?)

Hi, I am Kyal. I am in Year 5 & I love physics. I am 10 years old & I love walking to school. From doing YM I would like to get fitter & be more confident at talking at Assemblies. The important YM goals for me this year are to get more stories on the YM website. The important goals for the Team are to get to double Platinum, help with a bike shelter & get 50% of the school walking. (mentor's note: big goals but with the start this Team has made I believe these can be nudged along!)

My name is Summer & I am a Year 6. I love AT & riding my bike or scooter. I would like to get more people walking & riding.I would like to help out more in a team & make a difference in me speaking at Assemblies. I think our YM goal should be to get 50% of our school walking. (mentor's note: Working in a team is already happening!)

Hi, I'm Cohen Mc. I am a member of the YM Team for 2017. I'm 10 years old & in Year 5. I would love to achieve 50% of our school using AT. I also would like people to actually like walking to school. (mentor's note: now that IS a challenge: how do we get people to LIKE walking?)

Hi, I'm Koen & I am in the YM Team. I am in Year 5. I am doing YM because I think I might get something out of it. I want to get fitter & get better at speaking on the microphone. (mentor's note: with such a great start, these goals can be achieved)

One more to come at a later date. Watch this space.

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Justine (Your Move)

Hello Cohen C, Kyal, Summer, Cohen Mc and Koen! We are very pleased to meet you, and keen to hear more from you during the school year. Glad to see some good aspirations for increasing walking and bike riding (love the comment about encouraging people to actually like walking- whats not to like!) among your aim to be better at speaking at assemblies.

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