2019 Planning started...

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Actually the Team got down to tweaking the Team application a couple of weeks ago. Using this year's & borrowing some ideas from BSC Green Team's application (thanks Green Team!), next year's application was sorted by the Team.

During Tuesday's session the Team sorted what they were going to say to the Year 4s & 5s about YM. Mid-way through the session, the Year 4s & 5s were invited to assemble in the undercover area. Charli suggested we wheel out our board with all our working charts (great idea, Charli!) So using that as the backdrop our Team got to it!

Firstly they presented our Wonderful Walker Certificates & prize packs (from our WW2SD) as a teaser to what was coming. Then onto short presentations about their takes on YM.

Following, how the Team "survived!"

On Tuesday, we did a presentation to the Year 4s & 5s about being in the YM Team. We also handed out applications. We brought out our board to show some of the stuff we have done. We each got to say something about what we enjoyed while being in the YM Team. I said doing fun things like before school activities, challenges & accepting them, healthy & active kids, good mindset & helping others. Ashleigh.

Last Tuesday, we spoke to the Year 4s &5s about YM. At first I felt a little nervous because I was worried I would forget what I was going to say but afterwards I felt less nervous. I spoke about helping people in school use AT so they have a healthy mindset & so they are ready to start the day. Carolina.

We spoke with the Year 4s &5s about joining YM. I felt really nervous speaking in front of a crowd but I did it anyway & I tried my best. When it was over I was happy that I had encouraged others to do what I have done this year. I talked about what I loved about the YM Team & the best times we had as a Team so that they will be inspired. Tori.

When we did the presentation on Tuesday, I spoke about doing activities, speaking at assembly & being a leader. Before we started I was really nervous but afterwards I was relieved we were finished. The reason we did the presentation was to motivate people to be part of YM. Charli.

I didn't like the YM presentation. I didn't want to talk at all but I ended up talking the most. I was nervous & upset because I had to talk. Afterwards I was really happy it was all over. Mitchell.

Below, our Team, still smiling, having "survived!"

Mentor's note: Some interesting comments.. Well Team, no one realised how nervous you were & WELL DONE! Today, the Team got down to discussing selection of prospective Team members for 2019. I did enjoy the round table discussion & decision making that happened. The result: a short list compiled complete with reasons for selection. Another task well done.

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James (Your Move)

This story has come out in perfect timing for the upcoming workshop on building a student team - thanks Ashleigh, Carolina, Tori, Charli and Mitchell.

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