2023 Aspirations.

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Having settled in, the Team today sat down & wrote about their aspirations for this year.

My name is Kelly. I'm doing YM because I like working in a team. I want to plan events & make the school more active. My personal goal is to be a co-operative team member, get along & be happy. An important goal for the Team is to reach Double Platinum which is 1500 points. Kelly

I am Dylan from the YM Team. I am doing YM for the experience, making long term friendships & meeting new people. The Team's goal is to reach Double Platinum by the end of Term 3. Dylan

Hi, I'm Brianna & I'm in YM. I am in YM because I wanted to become more active & make more friends. I want to become more confident speaking in front of lots of people. My goals are to have fun in the Team & help plan lots of events. Some of our Team goals are to reach Double Platinum by the end of Term 3, have 46% AT at the end of term 2 & have fun. Brianna

I am Laghima & this is my second year in YM. I'm doing YM because I like public speaking, being organised & working in a team. I am happy to use my lunchtime to do YM & I am happy to speak to large groups. My goals this year are being more active & coming up with new ideas. One of our Team goals is getting 75% Star Card participation by term 4. Laghima

My name is Ruby & I am part of the 2023 YM Team. I am doing YM because I love the thought that we can help people to be more active. One of the important goals that I have for this year is to become more confident with things. The important Team goals are to reach Double Platinum, to all get along & to have an amazing year. Ruby

Hi, I'm Emma & I am part of the YM Team. I am doing YM because I want to help organise events for the school & give people a chance to get outside & move their bodies. I want to be more active every day & develop confidence in myself. Goals for me this year are to have fun planning new events & to have confidence in speaking. One of the Team goals is to achieve 75% Star Card participation. Emma.

Mentor's note: Again some very admirable & inspiring goals, both for the individual & for the Team. This Team really lives by ACTIVE BODY ACTIVE MIND!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Kelly, Dylan, Laghima, Emma, Ruby and Briana - thanks so much for sharing all your personal reasons for being involved and your team goals. Even though you have already earned the 10 points for team meetings this term, you have earned another 20 points for all sharing all those insights. And after this story, you are already more than 10% on the way to reaching your 1500 point target 🥳!

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