The Team has looked at our SOY data & after discussion, here are the Team's thoughts:

In my opinion, I think we did okay but we can do better. There was a 10% increase in car travel but I know that we will improve. It is good that more students are riding (bikes & scooters). We did have a big decrease in walking (26%) but lots have been riding. Ruby

I think our SOY HU went all right. We can do better by encouraging more, including our friends, who don't use AT to start! We could invite them to walk with us to school. We had a 26% decrease in walking but with an increase in public transport (16%) & cycling (12%) we are still ahead! Laghima

It is okay but it could be better. We have a higher % in public transport & cycling but a decrease in walking by 26% but that increase in the other areas of AT just keeps us ahead. Brianna

It's sad that we had a 10% increase in driving & a 26% decrease in walking but on the other hand there was a 16% increase in public transport & 12% increase in cycling so 16% +12%=28% which is 2% increase in AT. So overall we did pretty well. Kelly

I think the SOY HU has gone well. I know we can get better at using AT. If we promote AT & are more encouraging, we can get higher rates of participation. If we all get together & work on this together, we can improve our AT. Emma

I think we went well with an overall 44% AT participation rate. Sadly we lost 26% in walking but gained 16% in bus & train & 12% in wheels' travel. Dylan

Mentor's note: Dylan forgot to mention that when were discussing this, his suggestion was that MAYBE some of our walkers had become riders! A very valid point! Love the idea of pester power (in the nicest possible way of course!) which is code for "encouraging." And yes, swings & roundabouts: what we lost in walking we picked up in public transport & cycling & a smidge more! I just love that the Team is ALWAYS positive & comes up with positive solutions.

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James (Your Move)

So many thoughful reflections! I like Laghima's idea of inviting friends to walk together. Yes the positivity just shines through 🌞! On top of the 50 points you earned when submitting your survey, you have just earned another 25 points for sharing all your reflections here. Have a fab Friday and a super weekend!

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