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Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Recently the Team discussed the points that should be included in the presentation to the Year 4 & 5 students about YM. We settled on 6 main areas to be covered. From there, more discussion ensued as to the content of each point. After that I asked each of the Team to knuckle down & WRITE! The next step was to place in an order which illustrated the development occurring during a YM Team year. More discussion then was had to "get it right" before being ready to present. Here is the result:

My name is Brianna & I have been part of the YM Team for 2 years. Being part of the YM Team is a big responsibility. You ARE a school leader, so you are a role model. There are lots of things to remember for our meetings like your folder, being on time & wearing your YM shirt. On event days you need to make sure that you are on time. Being part of the YM Team also means giving up a lunchtime once a week.

My name is Laghima. Being part of YM enhances your teamwork skills. Here's what it does: In the YM Team, we always help each other & discuss everything together, such as organizing an event & giving advice on posters & writing. We support each other & figure things out together so we can do our best. Also during meetings, we go out & do jobs in pairs, which is really fun to do. Now let's say someone has an idea. Each of us adds a suggestion to add to that idea. That's called TEAMWORK! We respect each other's ideas, even when we don't necessarily agree. We listen respectfully to ALL viewpoints.

Hello, I'm Kelly & I've been part of the YM Team for 2 years. I would like to tell you about some of the campaigns we do during the year. So let's start with Star Cards. Every time you use AT on a Toesday you earn a Star on your SC. Wheeling Wednesdays is where we meet at the bikeracks & give all bike & scooter students a raffle ticket which goes into the draw at Assembly. This year we also incorporated Incidental Incentives into our campaigns, to celebrate 10 years of being an ACTIVE school.

I'm Ruby. Being part of the YM Team means you get to help out with lots of cool events, such as DYWs where you can help students decorate their wheels. We also participate in walk days such as NWS2SD & our very own WnW2SD. On our walk days we invite special guest walkers. The Mayor of the City of Rockingham is often one of our guest walkers.

My name is Emma. Being part of the Team enhances your personal growth. For example, you gain confidence by speaking at Assemblies. You develop Team skills like co-operation, respecting others' ideas & bouncing ideas off each other to make the decision the best as possible. You learn to be more organized & more prepared.

My name is Dylan & I am proud to be part of the YM Team because of the benefits the Teams have provided to the school such as:

  • Bike & scooter racks
  • Bike shelter
  • Bike repair station
  • Bike Education
  • Constable Care Safety School visits
  • Corflutes

By being part of the YM Team you too can make our school a better place for all of us. I am proud to have been part of the YM Team.

Mentor's note: having read through these presentations, I note HOW WELL the student Team model has served our 2023 Team. Well done, Team. So proud of you. (& now to the applications!)

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Great story. Well done!

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James (Your Move)

I love how you have ordered the topics going from responsibility, thru fun and finishing on the benefits 🙂. Great work everyone, you have earned 40 points plus 20 for sharing all the content. I think this presentation was a really important part of building the 2024 team 😊.

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