All Feet Lead to School

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

What a great morning meeting up & walking (or riding) to school. The weather was just perfect. We were so busy handing out stickers & taking down names we forgot to get a photo!

Firstly, thank you to our guest walkers Deb Hamblin (CoR Deputy Mayor), Penny McCall & graduate Leila.

Here are the Team's thoughts on the day...We hosted 3 walks to school for NWS2SD last Friday. We went to the Guarded Crossings leading to our school & also one other popular spot. At Recess, we handed out fruit & veges & they went so fast. Chloe.

Milly added: We participated in NWS2SD last week & there were 3 stations the YM Team were at. We were at Currie St, Fairmile St & Kingsbridge Rd. 2 of the Team were at each spot. It was a good idea to choose the Guarded Crossings so that it's safe & normally they are very populated areas & are easy to find & recognise.

Miranda continued: I invited Penny to the walk I was hosting for NWS2SD. She arrived with Leila. Penny McCall is the Community Development Officer (Health & Well-being) at the City of Rockingham. I was glad that she was able to come along with Leila.

The best part of NWS2SD was seeing all the people walking to school or scootering, biking & skating. It made me very proud to know that people were using AT to get to school because I knew that we encouraged AT. Beau.

Ruby concludes: The most important thing for me was getting the message out to kids that in the long run using AT will pay off. I also wanted to show all the younger kids where the Guarded Crossings are.

Mentor's note: Lots of good thinking going on here. Makes my day when I ask for the Team's contribution & this is what is delivered. Thank you Team & WELL DONE!

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James (Your Move)

Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences from your WS2SD event! Great to hear that the City of Rockingham got to join in all the fun too. Lovely that Ruby and Beau really enjoyed getting the AT message out there. On top of the 40 points for your event you have earned 5 points for sharing the kids views and another 10 for another great read from Warnbro!

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